Meaning of Berber symbols on Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan Berber Handmade Rugs pine for a few reasons: Their extraordinary gritty character and absence of evenness. Their theoretical effect. Their delicate hand-spun woolen heap. The imagination of their weavers. Their dazzling themes and images consolidated to make complex messages and stories established in Berber provincial life. The themes and their implications are essential for […]

Top 10 Moroccan Handmade Rugs

Moroccan Handmade Rugs do not resemble Porcelain Area Rugs or even Turkish Area Rugs in thickness, weaving technique, and even design patterns. They are a cause of significant variations in the rug community. Different Berber tribes manufacture various types of rugs. Each tribe became a source of origin of different qualities. 1. M’rirt Moroccan Rugs […]


Moroccan Berber Rug

“Maroquin” is a word from the 15th century that was used to describe Moroccan leather. “Maroquinerie” now represents the Moroccan leather business. That shows how ancient the Moroccan leather-making tradition is, majorly in the ancient city of Fez, where we can still see leather tanneries along with their foul & colorful tanks. Leatherwork is a […]

Moroccan Berber Rugs, Different Types, and Multiple Choices.

Moroccan Vintage Rug

Berber rugs are exclusively Soft to the foot, densely texture, hand skilled woven, and constructed entirely of the finest wool. They are known for their durability to last for an extended period. Its quality is at its best; with you having these rugs, you will indeed be spared from the hassles of having to bring […]


Moroccan Vintage Rug

Owing to their exquisiteness and remarkable gorgeousness, Moroccan rugs have gained worldwide popularity over time. These Berber rugs are extremely comfortable and warm, possessing a fascinating allure that can transform the look of any home or office. History of Moroccan tribal rugs The ancient Berbers designed vintage Moroccan rugs to keep them warm in Morocco’s […]

10 Reasons to Get a Moroccan Rug Today!

Moroccan rugs have become a crowd favorite for decorators and design fans alike. If you’re not yet on the Moroccan carpet train, here are ten things to know before becoming an enthusiast of this beautiful rug. Let’s have some background first before proceeding: Here’s a brief history of Moroccan Rugs: Original Beni Ouray carpets have […]