Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Yes, we sell handmade rugs only.

The thickness of the pile varies depending on the style of the rug.

We take photos under temperature controlled daylight environment using high resolution professional camera and after that we do the post processing. Therefore, our photos are as close as possible to the original rugs. However, the photo colors are always depends on the type, quality and age of the screen one uses to view the rugs and this can affect how the photos and colors are displayed on your screen. We check our rugs on RETINA screen for getting a perfect color tone.

Just the price for the Rug.

Moroccan handmade goods enter the United States and most EU countries duty-free.

All the rugs are 100% washed and clean. No need for any cleaning for at-least 3 to 5 years unless any accident happens with the rug.

We strongly advise you to contact a professional rug cleaner who knows how to properly clean your rug. Or you can visit our blog where we have some articles about how you cal clean your rug.

We use natural water and basic shampoos to clean the rug. The forced water is a great source to clean the rug properly

No, unfortunately we do not ship to PO Box.

Sometime it may leave a crease or fold because of shipment process. But there is nothing to worry. This is absolutely normal. Folds and creases can be remedied by simply placing something heavy (but safe) stuffs on the affected area. After a few days you should notice an improvement and the rug will lay flat on the floor. Creases on a rug will gradually disappear with regular use.