Décor Ideas for Moroccan Home rugs

Designing your home is an avenue to unleash your ingenuity and personality. This is why it requires utmost meticulousness and patience to achieve the décor you truly desire. There are possibly tons of interior décor concepts that you have in mind, such as chic, artisanal, authentic, or contemporary. Hence, we give you this guide to Moroccan rugs that can seamlessly settle into whatever space you have, enhance your living space, and boost its aesthetic charm with a Moroccan flavor.

The Moroccan decor rugs:

Moroccan rugs have continuously received plentiful attention from interior designers through the years. This is because of its flexible nature in terms of decoration, as it can go from contemporary to completely artisanal. Lively crafted handmade pieces that tell many Morocco Berber tribes‘ tales, their adventures, and culture. These Berber carpets are created with natural colors and elements. They are wholesome and vibrant and used to cover the wall or floor. They are decorated with asymmetrical shapes and come in color or monochrome with a vast array of types to suit your style. Women handcraft these unique canvas rugs over about two months.

Azilal Rugs:

These rugs are snug and exceptional. They are simple, chic, and single knotted from natural sheep wool. They come in lovely colors shaped in the form of diamonds. Azilal rugs are flat, specially made in a design handed down between generations. They are designed to reveal a mesh of bold and modern patterns, telling the stories and history of tribal nomad living.

Beni Ouray rugs:

The Beni Ouray rugs are known for their simple light texture. They are made from wool and decorated with dark patterns and symbols formed into huge double diamonds or small ones. This rug gives your living room an opulent, exotic touch. Its warm feathery texture soothes the senses with a Berber style aura.

Boucherouite Rugs:

These rugs are vibrant and produced from recycled clothing, and wool is woven into one. It can adorn your wall or floor and is usually found in Berber houses. It comes in red, pink, yellow and several other colors. It is occasionally shaped into geometrical patterns. These exciting and unique rag rugs add that splash of color to boost your contemporary living room décor.