Authentic Berber carpets, Traditional Berber rugs.

Moroccan Handmade

Authentic and Ancient Berber carpets

Original Berber carpets, regarded as art, are made by hand in Moroccan textile customs, according to experience and weaving methods handed down from one generation to the next.

The art of creating Berber carpets

Making Berber rugs entails expertise while handling the loom and meticulous processing of raw materials; sheep wool is made into yarn and designed with abstract or symmetrical patterns and natural colors.

Superior choosing criteria

Every color and pattern holds symbolic meaning and is authentic showcases of Berber communities’ cultural ingenuity and diversity in Morocco.

Exceptional handmade pieces

Focusing on the trade of decorative Berber pieces: carpets, pillows, ethnic jewelry, pottery, ceramics, antiques, Moroccan doors … Berbers have a passion for flawless specially made pieces of Moroccan handicrafts.

Support the Berber communities

Enthusiastic Moroccan craftsmen have meticulously made all our Moroccan rugs and a testament to the uniqueness “Made in Morocco” bestows on each original piece of art.

For authentic and beautiful decoration

Decorating your home and garden with original traditional pieces will give it a warm, comfortable aura, thus making your living environment a true sanctuary.