How to Pick the Perfect Moroccan Rug for Your Home’s Living Room

The living area rug is one of the most transformative and fundamental décor pieces that make most people nervous.

People must consider various factors like shape, pattern, color, texture, and size before deciding. They also have to know whether their choice will clash or complement their current furniture. A single wrong move could prove quite costly and damage the entire allure of a room.

Are you looking for a rug that will complete your home’s living room? Consider these tips from leading designer pros, and you will have an amazing rug in your living room before you know it!

Consider the room’s function

Before you start searching for a rug, you must think more about the lifestyle you lead. Ask yourself what you use this room most frequently. What’s your priority – comfort or glamor? Are you looking for something that can hide damages (like juice or wine or food spills)? Are you a fan of hosting parties regularly?

Malene Barnett, an NYC-based artist, and textile designer, states that finding an optimal rug is dependent on how you’re planning to utilize this space. It would help if you first thought about what you’re likely to be doing the most in this room. Based on this, you should purchase a design that is in line with your lifestyle. She advises people to make a choice based on their lifestyle..

Go for a Goldilocks rug

Picking the right rug size for your room is an important task. Undersized rugs can make your room seem unfinished or poorly built, whereas oversized rugs may dwarf and overwhelm the room completely.

Barnett states that picking the right rug size is extremely vital for the design structure of the room. If you have the right rug size, it will enhance the room’s final look and successfully reflect the room’s vibe.